Jim D. Gray & Associates, Inc is one of the leading manufacturers of power products. We supply our customers with reliable power products and solutions that meet their specifications, budget, and delivery time frame. Our technical depth, shop, and field capabilities are truly unique in the power products manufacturing industry.

Jim D. Gray & Associates, Inc

Our Technology

We can help create custom power systems for individual applications. Our technology features high power density, low output noise, multiple outputs, a wide range of voltage and current. We can help you get the right products. We are knowledgeable and experienced and are in the industry since 1977.

Our Values

Jim D. Gray & Associates, Inc is an industry pioneer who takes pride in fostering relationships with its customers, vendors, employees, and community for mutual benefit and success. Our vision is to build a company known for excellence in products, solutions, services, and work environment.

Jim D. Gray & Associates, Inc